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VW Golf 5 Tuning Front View

VW Golf 5 Tuning in the back made his debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn 2005. However, his version of R32 ABT Sportsline reported only in the spring of 2008. Six months later, the VW started production VW Golf 5 Tuning … And although ABT Sportsline project turned compressor VW Golf 5 Tuning, we still managed to try it. For the first time spetsversiya VW Golf 5 Tuning was presented at the fourth-generation Golf. True, Volkswagen Golf III even in the distant 1991 bestowed modification VR6 6-cylinder engine.

2008 vw golf gti tuning VW Golf 5 Tuning

VW Golf 5 Tuning Rear View

He VW Golf 5 Tuning VR6 actually opened a new niche in the world of hot hatchbacks: the VW Golf 5 Tuning turned out, though heavy, but still very powerful for his age: 2.8-liter engine gave out 174 power. Golf VR6 quickly became a cult, and Volkswagen think about preparing a worthy heir. As a result, in 2002, debuted VW Golf 5 Tuning R32, which by all indications has gained greater independence from the conventional VW Golf 5 Tuning is the fourth generation. R32 was not only a new 3.2-liter 6-cylinder engine in 241 force, but also substantially finalized the chassis, all-wheel drive transmission, and even its own glamorous body elements. It remains only to recall just how drab and dull was the VW Golf 5 Tuning in the back of the fourth generation.

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VW Golf 5 Tuning Sports Coupe

The success of the VW Golf 5 Tuning R32 was a foregone conclusion: its superiority over the VW Golf 5 Tuning GTI, and key classmates were undeniable. Finally, in 2005, supported the premier VW Golf 5 Tuning creation of new versions of the hot VW Golf 5 Tuning GTI and R32. But this time, VW Golf 5 Tuning GTI is clearly a success. Even now the VW Golf 5 Tuning gaining new fans thanks to its harmonious design, quality interior, gambling turbo, balanced chassis and the optional gearbox DSG.

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VW Golf 5 Tuning Stylish Design

Progress VW Golf 5 Tuning GTI with generational change was obvious. Of course, the fans were expecting an equally dramatic development, and VW Golf 5 Tuning R32. But its creators seem to adopt a more conservative, preferring to retain proven recipe unchanged. VW Golf 5 Tuning equipped with its own catchy and bumpers, and all of the same set of 3.2-liter engine and four-wheel drive powertrain. According to his passport characteristics R32 was slightly faster GTI: 0-100 km / h in 6.9 seconds is not, and 6.2. At a maximum rate of VW Golf 5 Tuning R32 is also dominated: 250 km / h against 235. It is a pity, but just as predictably,VW Golf 5 Tuning R32 was heavier GTI by as much as 200 kg, and most importantly, significantly more expensive.

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VW Golf 5 Tuning Interior View

In Germany, the VW Golf 5 Tuning GTI was worth about 25,000 euros, and R32 – already 32 000. This was already enough for a quiet departure from the scene R32. And then tuning companies have learned to shoot with turbo GTI 230, 250 and even above 300 strength. Since VW Golf 5 Tuning R32 has lost its last advantage – in a dynamic performance. Fortunately, R32 had come to taste of many enthusiasts. They are not only willing to part with their pet, but also puzzled tuning of a challenge to radically improve the performance of VW Golf 5 Tuning R32. More on experience with R32 in the back VW Golf 5 Tuning tyuningoviki know that the Volkswagen left little opportunity to increase the capacity of a 6-cylinder engine.

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