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VW Golf 3 Tuning Front View

VW Golf 3 Limited tuning edition, VW golf 3 tuned body kit, limited edition sports car VW GOLF 3, Modified VW Golf 3.The community stands ready to assist any owner of a VW Golf 3 Tuning in terms of repairs, workshop and styling and help. There are also expert advice on Car Audio and Tuning. The community is a community that is happy about VW Golf 3 Tuning newbies and giving them advice and assistance is available. Learn all about the VW Golf 3 Tuning and its success story that began in August 1991 in Wolfsburg with his imagination.

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VW Golf 3 Tuning Side View

There was the VW Golf 3 Tuning at that time with six different petrol engines of 60 hp to 115 hp in the GTI version, and two diesel versions with 75 and 90 hp. In November 1991, then the VW Golf 3 Tuning flagship of the series came on the market. The newly developed compact 15 °-line six cylinder engine with 2.8 liters and 174 hp at that time was the fastest car in the compact market, and entered with this engine also its success in the VW Golf 3 Tuning U.S.. For the first time since 1992 were also safety features like driver and passenger airbags as an extra (1,200 DM) to be ordered.

 VW Golf 3 Tuning

VW Golf 3 Tuning Car

In February 1992 the 13 millionth VW Golf 3 Tuning was on the conveyor belt. After some initial minor problems and improvements came in January 1993, the VW Golf 3 Tuning GTI 16V on the market, this version had 150 hp and was a limited edition. A month later, VW Golf 3 Tuning presented the all-wheel version “Syncro”, which later moved into the VR6 and pressed together with a new engine (2.9 l 140 kW) 190 hp to the road.

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VW Golf 3 Tuning Sports Generation

Fast-selling VW Golf 3 Tuning after the other in March 1993 and reached the 14 – million mark. In September 1993, then came the convertible, the TDI and the first time a wagon version of the VW Golf 3 Tuning on the market. Then was then flown in May 1994, the 15-million mark and there was still no end in sight. As the first compact car in Germany had the VW Golf 3 Tuning August 1995, the air bags in the standard equipment.

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VW Golf 3 Tuning Big Wheels

September 1995, the VW Golf 3 Tuning SDI (naturally aspirated diesel) was born, the smallest diesel engine had 64 hp. In April 1996, in time for the VW Golf 3 Tuning meeting at the W?rthersee, the 20 years of GTI was produced and presented. In November 1996, yet broken through the 17 million mark before in December 1997, the last VW Golf 3 Tuning Limusine left the factory. The Cabrio and Variant models were built until 02/98 or 02/99 before these models were discontinued VW Golf 3 Tuning.

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