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Ford Focus RS500 Ford Focus RS 500 Custom

Ford Focus RS 500 Custom

Ford Focus RS 500 Custom announced in March 2010, at the Auto Mobil International in Leipzig, a world motor show.Up to 500 copies limited edition model of the Focus RS Focus RS500, RS500 was produced exclusively as a three-door model. Externally it differed only by the outer color, it was only shipped in matt black.

Ford Focus RS 500 Custom body kit

2011 ford focus rs500 13 Ford Focus RS 500 Custom

Ford Focus RS 500 Custom Sports Car

This was not a paint color – it was a wrap, which was developed by 3M. Below that was foiling the body in “Panther Black Metallic” paint.In the interior had the RS500 Recaro bucket seats were covered with a black leather – Alcantara mix.The lap time achieved during testing at the Hockenheim ring with 1.15,8 minutes was faster by two seconds as the initial Ford Focus RS 500 Custom.

ford focus rs500 01 Ford Focus RS 500 Custom

Ford Focus RS 500 Custom Fast Car

The options list included only one touch-screen navigation system and full red leather sports seats, also served basis Recaro. Als of the engine of the Ford Focus RS 500 Custom, it was revised again. In Ford Focus RS 500 Custom he received, among other things, a larger inter cooler, which allows for higher compression, a modified air filter, an enlarged case diameter pipe to the exhaust system and a different fuel pump, which he now delivers 257 kW (350 hp).

Ford Focus RS 500 Custom edition

ford focus rs500 16 1280x0w Ford Focus RS 500 Custom

Ford Focus RS 500 Custom Generation

In addition, the increased torque to 460 Nm and the suspension was about 40 mm was verbreitert. This Ford Focus RS 500 Custom significantly faster in acceleration than the original Focus RS model. He reached the 100 km / h mark after just 5.6 seconds. The Ford Focus RS 500 Tuning top speed was higher with 265 km / h, however only 2 km / hr.


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