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Opel Corsa C Tuning Sports Car

This Special tuned edition of Opel Corsa C is designed with Opel body kit Tuning is a November 2000-October 2006 built by Opel and General Motors small cars, which replaced its predecessor Corsa B.TheOpel Corsa C Tuning C offered at the beginning as a 1.0-liter with 58 horsepower, 1.2-liter with 75 PS and 1.4-liter with 90 hp. These engines were also with the new Easy Tronic, an automated manual transmission, available. In February 2001, the 1.8-liter followed GSi with 125 hp.

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Opel Corsa C Tuning Rear View

As of 2001 there was a diesel with 1.7 liter engine and turbocharger with intercooler. He had 75 hp. The ECO has also been offered again – and with the Opel Corsa C Tuning same engine as its predecessor.

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Opel Corsa C Tuning Sports Generation

In late summer 2003, the Opel Corsa C Tuning was a model update, which was mainly the look of the bumpers has been changed and as the rear fog lamp placed further down. In addition, the lights changed and the radiator got a chrome trim.The Opel Corsa C Tuning, Tigra Twintop, Meriva and Combo have the same platform.

Corsa%20C%20Hypnosis%20Wide%20Front Opel Corsa C Tuning

Opel Corsa C Tuning Front Bumper

He was replaced in autumn 2006 by the Corsa D, only in some countries, the Corsa still the current model [1] In South Africa there is the Corsa Utility a pickup version of the Opel Corsa C Tuning..The Opel Corsa Sedan, which was built by General Motors Egypt remained, even in production until 2009. In South America, the Corsa B is further constructed as a parallel to the Corsa Classic.

848953 Opel Corsa C Tuning

Opel Corsa C Tuning body Kit

Since the Opel Corsa C Tuning 2004 model year, there is the 1.7er-Isuzu Motor 1.7 DTI (Opel-term Y17DT, 55 kW, 165 Nm) with Common-rail injection under the name 1.7 CDTi (Opel-term Z17DTH, 74 kW, 240 Nm ). The engine was installed in the Astra G and some cars in the Honda brand. Furthermore, it was also a small diesel, introduced the Opel Corsa C Tuning 1.3 CDTi 51 kW, which has a Fiat / powertrain development.

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