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Dodge Neon Tuning Front View

The Dodge Neon Tuning was from early 1994 until late summer 2005 by the American car manufacturer Chrysler-built model of the lower Mittelklasse.Die first model was built from 1994 to 1999, the second from 1999 to 2005. The replacement of the series was made by the Dodge Neon Tuning.In the second generation Dodge Neon Tuning was only produced as a four-door sedan. From now on four-cylinder engines were 1.6 and 2.0 liters of displacement, as well as the top version 2.4L Turbo available. The latter has been officially sold under the name Dodge Neon Tuning SRT-4. The Dodge Neon Tuning was offered in Germany under the brand names Dodge Neon Tuning. In 2005, production was stopped the Neon, the successor to the Dodge Caliber was launched.

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Dodge Neon Tuning Stylish Design

The Plymouth Neon was completely identical sister model, the export has been the Dodge Neon Tuning.Neon as described (for more detailed information see below). The following is the neon of the U.S. market behandelt.Anfang 1994 Dodge Neon Tuning debuted as the successor to the Dodge Shadow and Plymouth Sundance as a model of the 1995th Indicator was the design in the so-called cab-forward design with a long wheel base, moved forward in the passenger compartment and short hood of Dodge Neon Tuning.

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Dodge Neon Tuning Rear View

For the launch was only the sedan is available, the sports coupe followed in autumn 1994. The choice was between the base model (only with four doors), the Dodge Neon Tuning Highline and Sport. All versions had a standard two-liter four-cylinder (98 kW/133 hp) with an overhead camshaft, only in the Neon Sport Coupe was basically the otherwise liable to surcharge DOHC version (110 kW/150 PS) of the Dodge Neon Tuning installed. Power is transmitted via a five-speed manual transmission or an optional three-speed automatic available.

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Dodge Neon Tuning Sports Generation

In Dodge Neon Tuning year 1996, it was the coupe in the basic version and for the Expresso Dodge Neon Tuning Highline a package came into the program, the Dodge Neon Tuning special decorative stripes and a hood scoop included with power promising. The two-liter SOHC was now consistently in all models, even in the sports coupe series. In 1997, the Sport trim line and was replaced by a sports package that was available for high-line models at extra cost Dodge Neon Tuning.

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Dodge Neon Tuning New Model Car

In the Dodge Neon Tuning model years 1998 and 1999, the Neon program fanned in the versions of Neon Highline, Sport and Dodge Neon Tuning R / T, the latter in special colors and emphasizes sporty features. At Plymouth were called the High Line trim levels, Expresso and style, the style only available with four doors and is not a counterpart to the R / T, but a comfort-oriented variant. The Dodge Neon Tuning relatively noisy two-liter was revised at the same time in terms of lower operating noise and vibration.

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