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Bmw i3 is future in car industry. Its presence can no longer be ignored. Experts are already predicting the year when EVs will account for a million registrations around the world.

BMWi3 Stan 30125 BMW i3 a pure electric model    this is the future

Some say that it’ll take a decade; others that it’ll happen sooner. Some can even see the day when ‘plug-in’ cars will account for one in every 10 sold.

The first phase included the Mini E, which offered a remarkably similar range and performance to the i3 and began field testing in 2009. This was succeeded in the second phase by the ActiveE, a 1-series that previewed the i3′s electric motor and entered two years of global testing in 2012 with a fleet of 1100 cars.

BMW’s i3, then, represents the sum total of all that was learned in that lengthy and studious process. Two versions are offered. The first is a pure electric version with a range of between 80 and 100 miles.

Tested model BMW i3 standard trim, LHD
Body type 5 door hatchback
Year of publication 2013
Kerb weight 1250kg
VIN from which rating applies Applies to all applies i3s of the specification tested
Class Small Family Car.
Rear load limiters
Front seatbelt pretensioners
Front seatbelt load limiters
Driver frontal airbag
Front passenger frontal airbag
Side body airbags
Side head airbags
Electronic Stability Control
Seatbelt Reminder Driver and Passenger

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lumma design clr 730 rs bmw m5 e60 img 1 BMW E60 Tuning

BMW E60 Tuning Sports Car

The BMW E60 Tuning is the fifth generation of the BMW E60 Tuning of car manufacturer BMW. The combination “Touring” is referred to internally as E61. The range was introduced in March 2003 as successor to the E39. By BMW E60 Tuning, the iDrive control concept introduced in theBMW E60 Tuning, which is also found in other series of the manufacturer. The vehicle is assigned to the upper middle class. Top-selling model is the BMW E60 Tuning 530d.Production is in the BMW E60 Tuning Dingolfing, in the Egyptian work of the Bavarian Auto Group, which is located in the city of the 6th October is located, and in the BMW E60 Tuning People’s Republic of China from the Brilliance Motors in the city of Shenyang.

b9be099f6c0debc1 car pictures bmw e60 BMW E60 Tuning

BMW E60 Tuning Big Wheels

A special feature of the BMW E60 Tuning of the weight-reducing aluminum front car (GRAV) is. For the first time in a vehicle here was only the front end made of aluminum, while the BMW E60 Tuning passenger compartment and the rear vehicle are made of steel. The weight savings in the BMW E60 Tuning front vehicle part, a weight distribution of 50:50 is achieved.

7429878 BMW E60 Tuning

BMW E60 Tuning Car

The BMW E60 Tuning has a turn-off electronic stability program, ie, when BMW Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). A Tire Pressure Indicator (RPA) shows based on speed differences of the wheels changes in air pressure of one or more tyres and alert the driver with a light BMW E60 Tuning.

BM60 01%20%20DJ BMW E60 Tuning

BMW E60 Tuning Body Kit

As an option is BMW E60 Tuning night vision (night vision assistant) is available. Unlike the Mercedes S-class (there will be a Nahinfrarotsystem Bosch used with active infrared lighting), BMW E60 Tuning relies on passive thermal imaging technology. Heat radiation of objects and persons is taken from a camera in the front apron and the BMW E60 Tuning display on the iDrive shown.

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wald bodykit BMW E90 Tuning

BMW E90 Tuning edition with Led Lights

The current BMW E90 Tuning (internal: E90 – Sedan, E91 – Estate, E92Coupe, E93Cabrio) serves the middle class segment. It was introduced in 2005 as a successor to the E46 series at the BMW E90 Tuning Geneva Motor Show and will be manufactured at BMW plants in Munich, Regensburg, Leipzig, Rosslyn (South Africa) and Rayong (Thailand). Other producers of the BMW E90 Tuning Brilliance Automotive in Shenyang and the Bavarian Auto Group, with its plant in the city of the 6th October. The BMW E90 Tuning launch took place on 5 March 2005.

wald tuning BMW E90 Tuning

BMW E90 Tuning Rear Bumper

All BMW E90 Tuning (except M3 – be used is a V8) with in-line engines have four valves per cylinder. The BMW E90 Tuning engine range has been reduced completely revised and a few basic models, with the BMW E90 Tuning result that even less than before the model name of the actual displacement indicates: 316, 318 and 320 (Petrol and Diesel engines) are four-cylinder engine with a displacement of BMW E90 Tuning two liters.

82172 18250 BMW E90 Tuning

BMW E90 Tuning Stylish Design

The BMW E90 Tuning larger models have six-cylinder engines with three liters of displacement, which can be achieved only by tuning the different services and charge, the 335d, for example, by turbocharger. The BMW E90 Tuning same shall apply from 1 September 2007 for the petrol engines 325i and 330i. Both are based on an aluminum-magnesium engine block with three liters of displacement is effected with the performance difference between 325i and 330i with a modified injection system BMW E90 Tuning.

53407 1 BMW E90 Tuning

BMW E90 Tuning Sports Generation

In September 2006 introduced BMW E90 Tuning 335i (N54 engine) has an almost identical capacity, but is based on an engine block made of solid aluminum. He is with two turbochargers (turbo) and piezo direct injection with a maximum torque of 400 Nm. Simultaneously with the BMW E90 Tuning 325d, a new six-cylinder diesel was introduced. In the revision of the 335i engine is only since the N55 engine, a turbocharger, but with twin scroll technology used BMW E90 Tuning.Since March 2009, a “performance power kit for the BMW E90 Tuning 335i offered, which boosts the engine output by an additional 15 kW to 240 kW. Simultaneously peak torque grows to 450 Nm. [2] In March 2010, a “performance power kit for the 320d available, the engine performance raises an additional 15 kW to 145 kW (this is only for models from March 2007 possible with 130 kW engine power). The performance includes the BMW E90 Tuning 320d another control device, a larger intercooler and a more powerful fan. Furthermore, the BMW E90 Tuning torque rises by 40 Nm to 350 Nm to 390 Nm.

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bmw e92 m3 darth maul by mw design technik front angle speed BMW E92 Tuning

BMW E92 Tuning Front View

The Bmw 3 Series Coupe, Luxury tuned with expensive body kit (since 2006) and Convertible (since 2007) were originally developed as a separate 4 series developed. Therefore, body, chassis and interior are in comparison to the E90/E91 series independently. Before the BMW E92 Tuning sales release, however, was decided in favor of the existing image in the clientele of the BMW E92 Tuning M3 series (E46 coupe and convertible), to market the new series as a BMW E92 Tuning, the M3 brand from being damaged.

5019801 BMW E92 Tuning

BMW E92 Tuning Rear View

The series E92 and E93 are only assembled at the Regensburg plant. New is the BMW 335i, which has 3.0 liters and twin turbo and petrol direct injection with piezo injectors, and marks the return after 20 years of BMW’s turbo technology for gasoline engines. The convertible has a variable steel roof, whose name means VHT retractable hardtop. First time, the slim line design of a typical BMW E92 Tuning with a folding steel roof has been realized.

bmw rs35 biturbo racing dynamics tuning img 31 BMW E92 Tuning

BMW E92 Tuning Body Kit

In March 2010 were compared with the BMW E92 Tuning coupe and convertible .Im Facelift at Sedan (E90) and Touring (E91) the changes were less extensive. It amended the BMW E92 Tuning front and rear bumper and the lights. The BMW E92 Tuning kidney was redesigned. The interior has been subtly 5-series, the daytime running lights LED rings in engineering practice.

3295728737 c8a0408f7e o BMW E92 Tuning

BMW E92 Tuning Car

The BMW 320si WTCC was developed by BMW Motorsport, based on the series of the same model. It was produced at BMW’s Regensburg in the same manufacturing process as the other 3, but later rebuilt by hand for the BMW E92 Tuning race. More than 60 models have been put out by BMW Motorsport Sales.

bmw m3 race car alms12 BMW E92 Tuning

BMW E92 Tuning Sports Generation

In September 2008 Saloon and Touring have been revised. In comparison to previous changes in other BMW E92 Tuning models, the changes were in the E 90 and E 91 from relatively extensive. It was the front and rear aprons, the BMW E92 Tuning exterior mirrors, lights and bonnet and tailgate changed. In addition, the track has been widened. The BMW E92 Tuning kidney was redesigned and the side lines of optically somewhat stretched.

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 BMW 1 series E87 Tuning

BMW 1-series E87 Tuning Fast car

The BMW 1-series E87 Tuning, BMW 1-series in tuning showroom, Bmw Rieger tuning, Limited tuning model of BMW 1-series (internal: three-door E81, E82 coupe, five-door E87, E88 convertible) of the car maker BMW has launched five-door 2004 and belongs to the compact class. The BMW 1-series E87 Tuning is rear wheel drive is the entry model of the manufacturer. End of May 2007 came the three-door variant, the end of 2007 the coupe and the convertible as the last BMW 1-series E87 Tuning in April 2008.

18 BMW 1 series E87 Tuning

BMW 1-series E87 Kerscher Tuning

The BMW 1-series E87 Tuning five-door is in the Regensburg plant, [1], the remaining variants in the BMW factory in Leipzig made. [2] In April 2010, the total of 1,000,000. Model, a three-door 118d, produced at BMW’s Leipzig plant. In the tradition of the manufacturer, but not typical for the compact class, the front engine mounted longitudinally behind the front axle and drives the rear wheels. The BMW 1-series E87 Tuning system increases the cost of production, with the other hand, the essential design unique features of BMW in the compact class to distance itself from the competition. The BMW 1-series E87 Tuning is the only compact car that can be also equipped for rear-wheel drive with a six-cylinder engine.

wwwbmwsyndikatdep103078 BMW 1 series E87 Tuning

BMW 1-series E87 Tuning Sports Generation

The BMW 1-series E87 Tuning design is based on the larger 3-series model. BMW-typical, the front, the striking BMW kidney and the C-pillar to the Hofmeister kink. A stretched bonnet, a long wheelbase and short overhangs show the sporty character of the manufacturer. Critics complain the BMW 1-series E87 Tuning compressed C-pillar at the rear, the clear view to the rear limit. In March 2007, the 1 Series has been revised as part of a facelift: The front view differs mainly by a wider air intake with a horizontal trim strip and integrated rectangular fog lights. The Bi-Xenon headlights version of the received light rings with daytime function BMW 1-series E87 Tuning.

120d racing rear side 20090809 1027678473 BMW 1 series E87 Tuning

BMW 1-series E87 Tuning Side View

The BMW 1-series E87 Tuning rear view is characterized by a new video of the rear lights with LED technology and a wider looking rear apron. The BMW 1-series E87 Tuning interior was redesigned including the center console. Door mirrors, integrated door pockets and chrome trim were added, quality and features of the series found its way higher. With the facelift, a number of efficiency measures as part of the BMW 1-series E87 Tuning EfficientDynamics package was introduced – such as new direct-injection gasoline engine with stratified charge or a start-stop system.

135i paintjob 02 BMW 1 series E87 Tuning

BMW 1-series E87 Tuning Body Kit

At the BMW 1-series E87 Tuning beginning of model year 2009 the following changes: were technical adjustments to the optional Navigation System Professional, “which is an internal hard drive and shortcuts have been provided and now Harman-Becker (formerly Siemens VDO) is returned. Also delivered the new generation of BMW iDrive, including Internet access (optional) River in the BMW 1-series E87 Tuning. Furthermore, a heated steering wheel and a high beam assistant are available as new options. The BMW 1-series E87 Tuning previous standard, speed-sensitive power steering Servotronic and run-flat tires (RFT) are now optional.

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38537230 74972a1897 BMW E36 Compact Tuning

BMW E36 Compact Tuning Car

The BMW E36 Compact Tuning, stylish tuned body kit for Bmw e 36, Street racing model Bmw e36 was one of the few models that was produced without major visual facelift over the full term. Most obvious feature of the model care measures were small changes in the BMW E36 Compact Tuning lamp (lighting) and the BMW kidney and bumpers front and rear.

207672 BMW E36 Compact Tuning

BMW E36 Compact Tuning Sports Generation

While the BMW E36 Compact Tuning first models were still ellipsoidal headlamps and light gray plastic bumpers with large air inlets, flowed with the facelift headlights (with lens) in free-form technology, aerodynamic mirrors and headlight covers (with small knobs to wind noise) and side indicators in the wings in the Series one. In addition, the BMW E36 Compact Tuning facelift model had a slightly V-shaped and curved outwards BMW kidney as well as in a darker gray-colored side skirts and plastic bumper with a finely ribbed cooling air inlet and a continuous horizontal joint. The BMW E36 Compact Tuning reason for this is that the bumpers now extra charge ordered (up to this joint) were in the vehicle color.

NMS49163 BMW E36 Compact Tuning

BMW E36 Compact Tuning On The Road

The BMW E36 Compact Tuning has an obliquely upward front, not as in older BMW-type faces forward. It is a major advance in the field of pedestrian protection was achieved. In case of accidents involving pedestrians this could now more “roll” over the hood and were not – as often before – from the front section above seriously injured. The BMW E36 Compact Tuning twin headlights were now behind a glass cover and the rear was pulled higher.

50020002 BMW E36 Compact Tuning

BMW E36 Compact Tuning Sports Coupe

The BMW E36 Compact Tuning instrument panel was made rounder and more delicate than the previous model E30. A design element that compared the BMW sedans are found only at E36, the strong, drawn up into the roof door frame, a design principle that was applied at about the same time introduced Golf III. New for the BMW E36 Compact Tuning was the fact that the two-door version was given an at least formally independent body and was henceforth referred to as a coupe.

298022 BMW E36 Compact Tuning

BMW E36 Compact Tuning Carbon Fiber

The BMW E36 Compact Tuning standard wheel covers made of plastic although retained in its basic design, were with the facelift, but something made softer and more three-dimensional and equipped with a shiny clear coat. In the BMW E36 Compact Tuning interior facelift with new upholstery colors and materials has been (flat weave) significantly. In addition, the driver was standard. By order of the front passenger air bags received the cockpit of a more modern form, since the tray fell away from the BMW E36 Compact Tuning passenger seat and the cockpit was here slightly beveled.

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clp bmw 6 series 14 Bmw 6 series Tuning

Bmw 6-series Tuning Car

The BMW M6 Street tuning edition is the most motorized version of BMW M6 tuning body kit of the coupe or convertible version of the Tuned BMW 6 Series. Both versions were developed by BMW M GmbH and also from this produziert.Bis time production ended in mid-2010 were built 14 152 copies of the M6. Of these, 9087 units were in the coupe and 5065 on the convertible.

bmw serie 6 2 Bmw 6 series Tuning

Bmw 6-series Tuning Sports Coupe

The Bmw 6-series Tuning has a 373 kW V10 engine payable. The Bmw 6-series Tuning power rating is at 7750 rev / min, at 6100 rpm is the maximum torque of 520 Nm. In the test the magazine sports car the Bmw 6-series Tuning M6 ??coupe sprinted with the launch control in 4.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h (factory specification 4.6 seconds). The Bmw 6-series Tuning time from 0 to 200 km / h 12.8 seconds.

2011 bmw 6 series facelift1 Bmw 6 series Tuning

Bmw 6-series Tuning Model

The Bmw 6-series Tuning speed limit is – as standard – electronically limited at 250 mph. For an extra charge of about 2350 ? a top speed of 305 km / h is increased, including a BMW driver training on a racetrack. Without limiting the electronic Bmw 6-series Tuning M6 a top speed of up to 335 h km.

6 Bmw 6 series Tuning

Bmw 6-series Tuning Side View

The Bmw 6-series Tuning stability control (DSC) is disengaged, or even to a limited “MDM-mode” set, meaning the DSC intervenes much later, but just before the border area. Moreover, this Bmw 6-series Tuning is often seen as the successor to the set BMW 8-series.

BMW M6 II updated by 46sanduhr Bmw 6 series Tuning

Bmw 6-series Tuning Sports Generation

The Bmw 6-series Tuning features a carbon fiber roof, sealed with clear lacquer. The Bmw 6-series Tuning light causes the gravity of the car is shifted downward. Each cylinder has its own throttle, and the two cylinder banks each have their own air filter.

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bmw e30 tuning BMW E30 Tuning

BMW E30 Tuning Fast Car

The series BMW E30 Tuning vehicles in 1982 sparked the first 3 Series E21. The design of the first 3 series is from Paul Bracq BMW E30 Tuning and was further developed by Claus Luthe. The production (delivery) of the first two-door models (323i) began in December 1981, 320i as of January 1982 and 316/318i from March 1982. The BMW E30 Tuning four-door sedans were manufactured from January 1983.

zoombs4 BMW E30 Tuning

BMW E30 Tuning Car

Compared to its predecessor, the BMW E30 Tuning was produced in much greater variations. At first he was as usual available as two-door sedan and shortly thereafter the BMW E30 Tuning first time with four doors. In 1986, the offer extended by the BMW E30 Tuning Cabriolet with a fully retractable soft top and no roll bar and the first BMW E30 Tuning M3.

56730900eq9 BMW E30 Tuning

BMW E30 Tuning Air Filter

Both were based on the BMW E30 Tuning two-door sedans. This was also based on them Baur cabriolet from early 1983 to end of production of the BMW E30 Tuning two-door sedans to lineup. To the BMW E30 Tuning great care model by model year 1988, an estate version was introduced, which inherited the name from the Touring hatchback model of the BMW E30 Tuning.

01 BMW E30 Tuning

BMW E30 Tuning Big Wheels

Drive side, it was initially in the known engines from the E21. With the BMW E30 Tuning 325 (pronounced eta e) exceptionally high torque and relatively economical variant was introduced parallel to the BMW E28 525i. Further, with the idea of ??a diesel engine 324d/324td with or without turbocharger also parallel to the BMW E28 524d/524td first time in the history of BMW E30 Tuning into production.

BMW E30 V8 TURBO BMW E30 Tuning

BMW E30 Tuning Rear Spoiler

With the BMW E30 Tuning success of the competition, especially with his Audi quattro drive, animated, BMW developed a four-wheel drive, which was subsequently applied for the BMW E30 Tuning first time in the company’s history in 325i used. Externally, the four-and six-cylinder models and models from two liters of displacement were not as clear as the previous E21 differentiated, because now all BMW E30 Tuning series had double headlights.

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207677 BMW E38 Tuning

BMW E38 Tuning Sports Car

The BMW E38 Tuning is the BMW-series designation for the third generation of the BMW 7 Series, which came in 1994 as a successor to the BMW E32 to the market. A novelty constitutes the integrated navigation software, the first became available. Until its replacement by the successor BMW E65 This generation was manufactured until 2001.

Bmw E38 730d back by ShadowPhotography BMW E38 Tuning

BMW E38 Tuning Car

To BMW E38 Tuning introduction in 1994, were initially offered the known from the E32 series eight-cylinder V-engines with 3.0 and 4.0 liter (730i and 740i). Both models have sold quite similar. Shortly afterwards, the BMW E38 Tuning followed with a new twelve-cylinder V-engine, 5.4 liters displacement and 240 kW, 1995, the 728i with 142 kW and six-cylinder inline engine.

bmw e38 tuning 02 BMW E38 Tuning

BMW E38 Tuning Side View

During the BMW E38 Tuning technical review in 1996 came to the airbags for driver and front passenger additional side and curtain airbags added, against surcharge also in the rear. The BMW E38 Tuning displacement of the 3,0 – and 4.0-liter engine has been (still referred to as 740i) to 3.5 (735i) and 4.4 liters increased. The BMW E38 Tuning maximum torque increased from 290 to 320 and from 400 to 420 Nm. The 735i now develops 175 kW instead of 160 kW and the BMW E38 Tuning 740i was in the power rating of 210 kW the same, but had a higher torque BMW E38 Tuning.

bmw e38%288%29 BMW E38 Tuning

BMW E38 Tuning Sports Generation

Even a six-cylinder diesel engine with swirl chamber injection and 105kW was now within the BMW E38 Tuning 725tds available. The BMW E38 Tuning 740i models 725tds to have to lift fitted as standard with manual transmission, then only the BMW E38 Tuning 728i. While it was offered for the 730i an advanced 5-speed manual gearbox, the 740i was a newly developed 6-speed transmission. In practice, however, mostly automatic versions required.

443151 f520 BMW E38 Tuning

BMW E38 Tuning Body Kit

The BMW E38 Tuning 6-speed variant of the 740i, was omitted. New, however, was a 3.0-liter six-cylinder direct injection diesel engine in the BMW E38 Tuning 730d model with 135 kW at first, later with 142 kW, which replaced the 725tds. As of 1999, also with a maximum of 180 kW payable 4.0-liter eight-cylinder the most powerful production diesel engine (model 740d) are offered BMW E38 Tuning.

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BMW 850i Black Racer by VCTuner BMW 850 Tuning

BMW 850 Tuning Front View

A collector BMW 850 Tuning like yesterday came down the assembly line, we met not in the capital and the south Rossii.Etu cherry “eight” BMW 850 Tuning look instantly grabs from the stream. Silhouette Bavarian beauties unmistakably recognizable, but the BMW 850 Tuning plastic kit makes anyone’s guess. Partly similar to the style of “Hartge, but may belong, and another German studio – very much looks brand new exterior. Increased capacity of the BMW 850 Tuning motor is now transmitted via a lightweight at 3 kg flywheel for manual transmission (from a more sporting versions of BMW-850CSi), which replaced the regular BMW 850 Tuning.

Tuning BMW 850i 001 BMW 850 Tuning

BMW 850 Tuning Stylish Design

You would not believe how initially did not believe we – Made in Russia! Exemplary appearance of BMW 850 Tuning must, above all, in love with the car owner. It was he who formulated the wishes and made their performance of skilled craftsmen from Rostov-on-Don, where the BMW 850 Tuning is registered. Task to give a mature model of a modern look, without violating corporate identity BMW 850 Tuning, local experts have decided, in our opinion, brilliant. This option bodykit is very harmonious and most deserves the title facelift rather than BMW 850 Tuning in a distributed, we understand. By BMW 850 Tuning, new bumpers (front – with typical Bavarian “nostrils”) and sills that visually made coupe is even wider. The BMW 850 Tuning front wings have received additional air ducts, and hood – aluminum lattice-gills, which serve the same purpose: to facilitate the flow of BMW 850 Tuning oxygen to a Mighty Heart.

 BMW 850 Tuning

BMW 850 Tuning Rear View

Heart, by the way, first play pranks: a BMW 850 Tuning has got to the current owner is not in perfect condition, with a range of several hundred thousand. Motor persistently demanded oil, overheat, and the BMW 850 Tuning first attempt to revive not eliminate defects entirely. To re-operation attracted Moscow experts: those found in the motor shell and forged pistons are made on the patterns of the famous firm BMW 850 Tuning. Piston rings come from the BMW 850 Tuning series motor.

BMW 850 CSi %28e31%29 4801345e1e36e BMW 850 Tuning

BMW 850 Tuning Sports Generation

Cylinder head was treated (the compression ratio has increased from 8,8:1 to 12,5:1), channels polished intake and exhaust, valves with titanium plates placed in a bronze guides. In the BMW 850 Tuning ramp power supply system raised the pressure from 3 to 3,5 bar, and using air filters, low resistance firm K & N ram and release improved engine breathing. Work with the BMW 850 Tuning engine completed the installation of a new oil pump and replaced all the gaskets and seals BMW 850 Tuning.

850 25small BMW 850 Tuning

BMW 850 Tuning Stylish Interior

Since moving BMW 850 Tuning owner seemed not collected, he engaged in repairing and fine-tuning the suspension. Serial spring gave way to the tuning firm H & R. They work in conjunction with shock absorbers and stabilizers on all of the same extreme version of the BMW 850 Tuning. And although the clearance decreased by 40 mm – the owner happy modernization: the BMW 850 Tuning roads of southern Russia is still better than in the center and north. It underestimates the suspension BMW 850 Tuning are quite right to life.

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