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BMW Z3 Tuning Front View

On 5 December 1995 celebrated the Atlanta blue BMW Z3 Tuning with the beige-brown interior in the James Bond film “GoldenEye” premiered. For the filming at BMW Z3 Tuning that time were only two hand-made prototypes available, which could, however, no dangerous stunts are filmed. Back to real life. The BMW Z3 Tuning was BMW’s first model that was manufactured at only one location outside Bavaria, namely in Spartanburg in the U.S. state of South Carolina. There is also one of the two Bond vehicles on display. And the other? No, Doc Tom’s BMW Z3 Tuning is not.

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BMW Z3 Tuning Rear View

This BMW Z3 Tuning stands out not by various defensive measures ? la Bond, but with a noble performance. The leather cover on the front bumper was in the workshop of George of buddy who has the 007 logo carved out of the riveted black surface. The leather strips are made of two halves, Ji?? in the middle with the BMW Z3 Tuning fat needle assembled. The BMW Z3 Tuning sword is made of aluminum as it were a real doctorate, because of Doc Tom hand-made and screwed. Not convinced BMW Z3 Tuning with a driver would disfigure the bodykit work, so the wheel arches remained in its original condition.

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BMW Z3 Tuning Side View

The physicians from Pilsen combined his passion for BMW Z3 Tuning with his Fable of Bond films in order to create a personal cult car. In contrast to the early Bond-BMW Z3 Tuning with 1.9-liter four-cylinder of the Pilsen-BMW Z3 Tuning is even fired from a 3-liter six-cylinder. It is not the original machine, because in the year 1999, there was no 3-liter six-cylinder. The previous owner had the engine from different engines and implant also configure a sharp camshaft. The BMW Z3 Tuning block will deal with the 3 liter engine, the head of the old Zwoachter. After Doc Tom, the BMW Z3 Tuning had acquired, he had the engine management tuning in to rate new GX. Thanks G-Power exhaust and GX-chip tuning of the BMW Z3 Tuning has about 250 hp.

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BMW Z3 Tuning BodyKit

The BMW Z3 Tuning voluminous loose wheel arches give her the space for 8.5 and 9.5 x18 Breyton Spirit wheels, without crimping and of course, without extraction. The KW coilover suspension Variant II was Doc Tom optimal rate on circumstances. Leather cover for the rear-view mirror and a leather suitcase on the luggage compartment – a nod to the retro style of the scene? Objection! The BMW Z3 Tuning leather of the rear-view mirror can be easily cleaned of flies as the exclusive Standox paint from the Chameleon series that should have been, according to Doc Tom offered only 100 times of BMW Z3 Tuning.

 BMW Z3 Tuning

BMW Z3 Tuning Sports Cabrio

Generally plays an important role in the BMW Z3 Tuning system. Convertibles are in sound Contest greater handicap as a closed BMW Z3 Tuning, the Z3 still managed a second place in the category “Sound Quality”. It is almost unbelievable that you can put the data in the components listed in a BMW Z3 Tuning. Also, a closer look at the interior is worth has done in the Jiri really good job. Without exaggeration, it was he steering wheel rim, cockpit and seats with beige leather from. The BMW Z3 Tuning interior is understated and unobtrusive, as it is today modern.

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