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BMW E36 Tuning,Tunned Street Car

n the late nineties look BMW M3 E36 Tuning was considered the benchmark sports car: the fashion then was different. Today, the “thirty-six” no longer looks so appealing … But in our case, the completion of the exterior is hardly related to the modern trends in design – as you can see, this image can not be called acute fashion BMW M3 E36 Tuning. But the BMW M3 E36 Tuning has ceased to be simple.The most original in the BMW M3 E36 Tuningthe sound. The timbre of the exhaust system has changed beyond recognition. Yes, and the BMW M3 E36 Tuning motor sounded a new way. Especially at high speeds, when row “Six” M-Power whistling suck air! Very convincing.

 BMW M3 E36 Tuning

BMW M3 E36 Tuning-Stylish Tuning

A considerable part of his life, this BMW M3 E36 Tuning held under the motto: “I’m just like everyone else, just faster.” Like many German sports cars loaded with “Bavarian” not endowed by their Creator bright image. The most that dare designers – color of the BMW M3 E36 Tuning in the red. This BMW M3 E36 Tuning among the “lucky” missed. And, perhaps, and would have lived until his death, if another owner has not decided to decorate it.

1%5B1%5D BMW M3 E36 Tuning

BMW M3 E36 Tuning On The Road

It is known that the main advantage of BMW M3 E36 Tuning – a stubborn disposition. “Emochny” engine produces 321 hp at 7400 rpm, BMW M3 E36 Tuning it very problematic. However, the BMW M3 E36 Tuning owner is not afraid of difficulties. To put the compressor – is difficult, expensive and even risky. Therefore, the owner of the BMW M3 E36 Tuning engaged in the intake system and fuel delivery issue.

 BMW M3 E36 Tuning

BMW M3 E36 Tuning Rear View

Put the low resistance filter K & N, customized release the German mark G-Power. Altered valve timing, and fuel line pressure is raised to 5,4 bar! How are assessing tuners were added 10-15% of capacity, which is quite a lot.
Manageability coupe “sharpened”. By BMW M3 E36 Tuning, there were adjustable dampers, sport springs and stretching the front legs. For beauty priladili stupichnye spacers and wider wheels Hamann Motorsport.

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BMW M3 E36 Tuning Fast Car

About ten years ago, experts Hamann Motorsport placed under the hood of the BMW M3 E36 Tuning powerful V8 from the M5 model. Just for that – exclusive – machines designed body kit, a copy of which adorns our compartment. Conspicuous unusually wide wheel arches. Visually, BMW M3 E36 Tuning they are supported by prominent sills and baggy wheel. The BMW M3 E36 Tuning basis of the front bumper was left, but due to side spoilers, and the grid in the central air intake form has become more aggressive.

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BMW M3 E36 Sound System

Head optics – “Angel Eyes» Hella, xenon with the original indicator. But the brightest “Emka” looks at the stern – as if the rate of spread across the earth! Hamann rear wing and hood on the rear window enhance the effect. Inside, “Bavarian” is no less interesting: there bright style and impeccable ergonomics are BMW M3 E36 Tuning mixed in equal proportions. Accessories MOMO (steering wheel and gear knob) work for image, comfort and create a combined Alcantara trim and a music system Clarion-class hi-end.

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