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This Audi TT  is special Tuned Limited Edition,Real Street racing tuning of Audi TT, Extreme  Tuning  body kit for Audi TT. Audi TT Tuning started in September 1994 at the Design Center of California’s Simi Valley. Leading designer of the Audi TT Tuning, Peter Schreyer. The following year, a study of the Audi TT Tuning? at the IAA in Frankfurt, was presented to the public. A little later, that same year, the idea of ??the Audi TT Tuning Roadster’s degree at the Tokyo Motor Show, which was called TTS – based on the NSU NSU Prinz Audi TT Tuning with the tradition. The positive response from the visitors and the motor magazine journalists led Audi to the decision to build the study – without major changes. came only after three years of Audi TT Tuning development in the fall of 1998, the coupe with 1.8 liter turbo engine and either 132 or 165 kW (180 hp and 225) on the market. A year later the former was presented as a Audi TT Tuning.

audi+tt Audi TT Tuning Model

Audi TT Tuning Side View

The Audi TT Tuning models make their names on the successful tradition of DKW (Auto Union) and NSU at the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man, a competition for motorcycles, the Audi TT Tuning others Ewald Kluge 1938 DKW with three-valve engine as well as the NSU Driver and Rupert Hollaus Werner Haas won in 1954 in their classes. Occasionally, the abbreviation Audi TT Tuning with tradition and technology is demonstrated.

audi%20tt Audi TT Tuning Model

Audi TT Tuning Body Kit

Caused a stir the first generation of the Audi TT Tuning after its launch with a few accidents where people also were killed. The Audi TT Tuning chassis overwhelmed the average driver with an overhead, but dangerously narrow border area where the Audi TT Tuning tended in curves abruptly from neutral handling excessive oversteer. These incidents were widely in the media. Audi TT Tuning was each owner to the installation of a stabilizing rear spoiler and an optimized chassis.

 Audi TT Tuning Model

Audi TT Tuning Sports Generation

The Audi TT Tuning retrofit of an Electronic Stability Program (ESP), from then on as standard, but should not because of the far-reaching effort in already built vehicles sold to be possible. Under pressure from media, consumer advocates and, not least the Audi TT Tuning customer a fast and directed but also offered the ESP retrofitting against an excess of DM 650. There were also at the Audi TT Tuning Quattro models, which were built by 1998 to 2000, problems with the rear suspension arms Audi TT Tuning.

ami2006 audi tt Audi TT Tuning Model

Audi TT Tuning Car

According to a report in the Audi TT Tuning journal “auto motor und sport could be stuck storing the Audi TT Tuning lower control arm on the rear axle due to corrosion and break the wishbone. 15 cases of unusual noise at-arms or breaks have become known, had been no personal injury. Audi TT Tuning wrote to 15 900 owners of Audi TT Tuning and the all-wheel drive variants of A3 and S3 to replace the joints and control arms. Since 2003, Audi recommends the use of Super Plus petrol (98 RON)for every 1.8-liter engines from 132 kW (180 hp).

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